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A Decade of AtS

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Premiere

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A community to celebrate a decade of Angel: The Series

General Community Information
"Los Angeles. You see it at night and it shines. A beacon. People are drawn to it…people and other things. They come for all sorts of things. My reason? No surprise there. It started with a girl."

And that’s how it started – October 5, 1999.

Welcome to a_decade_of_ats. This community has been established to mark the 10th anniversary of Angel: The Series. Can you believe it’s been 10 years since this show premiered on The WB?

This is a place to celebrate Angel: The Series. Here you can post fics, videos, graphics, artwork etc...anything that you like, as long as it celebrates this wonderful series.

Though this community is primarily for celebrating the first season of the series, we allow works which emcompass the entire five seasons of the show and all the characters who shared the screen with the title vampire. Because, while this show followed Angel on his path to redemption, he had a lot of help along the way – Cordy, Doyle, Fred, Gunn, Wes and even Spike. This community celebrates them, and all the other exciting characters who appeared on the show.
Community Rules For Posting

  • This community is about having fun and sharing our creativity! Please treat each member as you would want to be treated.

  • All fics, videos, graphics, etc. must be initially created specifically for the community. Once you have posted your submission here, it's fine to post elsewhere. This community exists to keep the love of the show alive, and that means inspiring new work, so please remember this rule and only post brand new creations.

  • All submissions must include the name of the work and the kind of work it is in the subject line. This will make it easier to tag the entry and put it into memories.

  • All entries fics, videos, graphics, etc. must be placed behind an LJ cut. This is mainly due to size issues and not wanting to overload readers LJs. If you are posting icons, you can put a teaser of three (3) icons before the LJ cut.

  • If the entry is a fic, it should have the following details listed above the LJ cut so that the readers can decide if they wish to read or not.

  • Title:
    Pairing: (Please make sure you let the readers know whether your story/video is slash or het. This is a must as some people don't read one or the other.)
    Rating: (Please Make sure to post any R or NC-17 material behind a cut.)
    Disclaimer: BtVS and AtS characters not mine. Or something such as this :)

  • All written work must be betaed – this is a must!

  • All artwork and written submissions must be your own – we will not tolerate plagiarists.

  • Please take time to lend your support to whoever posts as feedback really make a person's day!

  • Because this community celebrates the series, RPS will not not be allowed, nor will AU Human fic. Also not allowed are crossovers with other shows, except for BtVS, as there were several characters that did come over for BtVS.

  • If you are writing fic, you can go AU within the canon of the series (i.e. extend a scene if you like or pick up where an episode left off.) If you have any questions, please email me at marinersgal69@msn.com.

  • </li>I'll be working on a list of tags for the community once submissions are posted. That will give me an idea of what type of tags this community will need.</li>

The rules are subject to change. Suggestions, questions or ideas are always appreciated!
Community Banners
I made some banners you can use to pimp the community. You can use the banner to link back to the community so people can join if they are interested.

The original coding of this layout was created by dana_duchovny. I just did a little tweaking to suit my purposes. All graphics were made by me, your moderator
(angelspike69). The pictures used are courtest of Screencap Paradise and Chosen Two.com.
bunny_grabber, a_muse_meme

If you'd like to affiliate with this community, please email me at marinersgal69@msn.com.